Tracy Playle

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In pursuit of the perfect job description

I must have a very trustworthy face for the number of people who confide in me that they’re searching for a new job. And I’m not just referring to coaching clients here.

But why is it that when we feel we want to make changes in our lives, one of the first places we look is job boards? Our search for a more fulfilled life is so often aligned to a new job description.

Now, being fulfilled in your work is hugely important. It’s where we spent a significant portion of our waking lives, and job fulfilment can and does have a beautiful ripple effect on the rest of our lives.

But why start with the job description? When we start to chase a future by seeking a new job description, we’re caught in a continuous loop of having others define our lives for us. It is their job description after all, with the implicit assumption that a successful application results in them telling you how to spend your working hours. Seizing control of a more fulfilled future for ourselves by searching for a new job description is the very embodiment of disempowered decision-making.

What if there is another way?

What if your search for a more fulfilled career starts not with a job description, but with a clearer understanding of, and compassion for, yourself?

What if it begins with knowing your true self, your true strengths? What if it starts from a place of clarity about how you want to be living your whole life, and how that would feel, instead of just what your job description has in it?

That’s were coaching comes in for those seeking a transformation in their professional lives. So, instead of a job board, why not start with a coach?

To make your career leap from a more empowered place, here are three places that you can start to look:

  1. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself coming at life as your best self - the wonderful and brilliant person that you already are. Imagine that your existing job is great and you’re not looking to “fix” anything by choosing a new role. From that place of happiness and empowerment, what would you then be seeking to do in your next role?

  2. What sparks your curiosity and your inner-child excitement? What in life do you love so much that thinking about it prompts strong feelings and body sensations for you (butterflies in your time, tingling arms, shortness of breath, etc)? Using that as a lens for seeing your future career. Now, what does that career and whole life look like?

  3. Now take your answers to 1 and 2 and expand them, multiply those goals, imagine what even more fulfilment might look like. How are you being in that world? And what are you doing?

By starting with those three questions we can come at a career change or seeking a new job not from a place of unhappiness, disempowerment or just someone else’s need. Instead you can come at it from a place that is totally defined from your own essence. You might also find that changing career isn’t actually the “fix” you think you need. It might be an altogether different shift in your life that you land on wanting to make.

Now all you might need is a coach like me to partner with you and help you design that future and make it a reality. Get in touch to book your free coaching discovery session.