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On well-being and well-doing

If I ask you to list things that are in service of your well-being, what would they be?

Some obvious ones spring to mind: exercise, walking the dog, having dinner with family, listening to your favourite music, treating yourself to a spa day, taking a vacation, reading a book, praying, volunteering, baking a cake, eating that cake… we could go on.

Did you notice though that all of the things we listed involve us “doing” something?

While many things that we “do” will serve our well-being. However, many “doing” practices are often in service of fixing something in our lives.

  • We exercise because we want to fix our bodies

  • We take that spa day because we need to fix our exhaustion

  • We spend time with a loved one to fix a breakdown in relationship

  • We read that book to fix a gap in our knowledge.

Often practices that have us “do” something serve as fixes in our lives for something else. When our well-being practices are designed as a fix, are they really truly in service of our well-being at all? Or are they in service of patching over something and kicking a truth down the road:

  • We “fix” our body instead of seeing our selves as beautiful as we are

  • We “fix” the exhaustion instead of fundamentally addressing our priorities and how we use our energy over time

  • We “fix” a relationship with a fun night out instead of practicing openness and true vulnerability with one another

  • We “fix” that gap in our knowledge instead of accepting that we are already enough.

I assert that to truly serve our well-being, we need a blend of “doing” and “being” practices. And we need to notice when going for a “fix” doesn’t serve our well-being at all - at least not in a lasting way.

Here, then, are twenty ideas for well-being practices and twenty ideas for well-doing practices. Of course there are a great many more that you could take on, so add your own. I aim to practice 10 of these every day, blended from each list. As a perfectionist-type personality, it serves my well-being is also to be at ease with not “scoring” 10 out of 10 on these practices every day. So one of mine is also not to strive for perfection in well-being.

What will yours be?

Well-being suggestions

  1. Sit in silence (see my post on the importance of nothingness)

  2. Meditate (this can be a bridge from the world of doing to being and allows you to explore the connection between them - they’re not separate and distinct)

  3. Be in gratitude to yourself

  4. Be in gratitude to others

  5. Notice and accept what is

  6. Be self-love

  7. Be compassion

  8. Be whole-hearted

  9. See the “now” as all there is (future and past are only stories and extrapolations)

  10. Be in touch with your breath

  11. Listen to and feel your inner body

  12. Feel the separation between your body and the world around you

  13. Be with your emotions, whatever they may be in the present

  14. Acknowledge and accept your beauty

  15. Daydream

  16. Doodle without intent (the important thing here is the “without intent” part, otherwise it’s a well-doing practice - not that there’s anything wrong with that too)

  17. Forgive

  18. Silence your inner critic

  19. Stop assigning meaning and judgement from what others say and do to and of you

  20. Don’t react.

Well-doing suggestions

  1. Exercise

  2. Read a book

  3. Cook and eat something nourishing and delicious

  4. Play with a child or a friend

  5. Enjoy a spa treatment

  6. Practice a skincare routine

  7. Brush your teeth mindfully

  8. Get an early night

  9. Have a lay-in

  10. Listen to your favourite music, or discover something new

  11. Go for a hike in the forest, on the beach or up a hill

  12. Call a relative or a friend

  13. Ask for help

  14. Pray

  15. Volunteer in your community

  16. Draw, paint, make, knit, bake… just create something

  17. Have sex

  18. Clean a room or have a clear-out

  19. Watch a movie

  20. Have a leisurely brunch with a friend.

In my approach to coaching, serving your well-being is core to making lasting, once-and-for-all changes in your life. Having a coach creates a support structure and accountability for you as you also then explore your dreams and develop projects to create your future. Work with me as your coach and have me stand for you, your well-being and living your best life. Sign-up for a free trial coaching session today.