Tracy Playle

Coach. Public speaker. Consultant

I'm not an athlete, why do I need a coach?

Nobody “needs” a coach. But if you’re looking to make a shift in your life then creating a space for reflection and action is where coaching is going to bring you a whole truck load of value.

I came to coaching a few years ago. Fresh off of burning out and having to take time out of work, I felt that I need to reconfigure my priorities and make some shifts in my life to create success in business, but also to safeguard my own health and wellbeing. It turned out that those two things were intimately connected - more so that I could ever imagine.

Now, having just completed the most successful year in my consultancy business ever, I don’t just hold a personal view of the impact that coaching had on my life, but I have the real success of my business growth as evidence of how it helped me transform my life - and continues to do so.

The style of coaching that I experienced as a client, and that I now practice myself as a coach in support of others, is a powerful and affirming style. As coaches we:

  • Assert that you are whole and perfect as you are. While you might seek to make shifts and breakthroughs in your life, there is actually nothing to “fix” and you are already perfect and complete.

  • Support you to really get to know, understand and love the core of who your true self is in all its beauty and power. In other words, when you look in a mirror, you’ll see your own superhero smiling back at you.

  • Understand how to imagine - and live - a life that comes from those existing superpowers. If your own superhero were to create that life, what would that life look like?

  • Understand your default modes of being and behaving - what we call your survival mechanisms or automatic learned behaviours - and notice how they might be creating barriers to your breakthroughs, and how to overcome this.

  • Fast track yourself to a more fulfilled life, with the courage and passion to explore new possibility and get out there to make it happen.

A coach like myself won’t and can’t act for you - but we will stand for you, work with you on designing projects and steps towards your best life, and hold you accountable to the promises you make to yourself.

For me, and for many others then, coaching provides a productive and safe space in which you can focus on you (only you) and reaching towards your aspirations and dreams. You deserve to give yourself that time and focus. So, what’s holding you back?

If you’re interested in exploring what coaching could do for your life, sign up for a free 30 minute discovery session with me to explore your dreams and possibility.