Tracy Playle

Coach. Public speaker. Consultant



Tracy leads a team of expert content strategists and communication consultants through her company, Pickle Jar Communications Ltd. As Chief Content Strategist, she also works directly on consultancy and training projects, or brings coaching to the world of content strategy.

As a consultant, Tracy specialises in working with the education sector. Most of her clients are leaders in schools, colleges and universities or education-related organisations. This includes working with teams in marketing, communications, development, and digital roles.

As a content strategist she helps organisations to:

  • Define their goals and create vision for what they’re trying to achieve through their content and communication materials and engagement activities

  • Understand their audiences better, in a way that empowers them to create content for (and with) them that inspires and engages

  • Develop content strategies and plans, thinking about the content they produce, but also how to use that content in different ways to make it an impactful and efficient investment

  • Audit the content that they already have, taking stock of what’s there, producing a lens or a framework for conducting the audit in a way that’s useful and useable

  • Organise their processes, systems, workflows individuals and teams to create a more fluid, collaborative, trusting and effective approach to content operations and management.

Of course, since so many content problems are actually people problems, Tracy’s work as a coach also plays a major role in her content strategy consultancy too, especially team and leadership coaching.

To work with Tracy and her colleagues on consultancy projects, please contact or visit the Pickle Jar Communications website to learn more.