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Free yourself from imposter syndrome and start living the life that you dream of

Tracy’s Overcoming Imposter Syndrome coaching programme is launching in August 2019. Through this programme, which blends online learning and activities with individual one-to-one coaching sessions, you’ll start to make breakthroughs, freeing yourself from the imposter syndrome that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Coaching Programme

Starts 1 August 2019

Imposter syndrome is a widely experienced but debilitating state of being that prevents us from really showing up and getting ahead in life.

It shows up in different ways for different people, but common experiences of it include:

  • A belief that you’re not good enough

  • A belief that everybody else is better than you

  • A fear that you’re going to be found out as a fraud

  • A feeling that you don’t belong or you’re not yet ready to belong.

It can end up meaning that we:

  • Shy or hide away from professional and social events and activities

  • Silence ourselves when we want to speak up

  • Don’t go for that new job

  • Hold back in asking for the pay-rise we deserve

  • Stop ourselves from making new friends or getting involved with dating and romantic relationships.

While commonly experienced and often talked about, overcoming it feels like an uphill struggle. Since everybody’s experience of it is unique to them, it’s also something that reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos can’t really address in a way that will really work for you.

Our Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Programme offers you an individual programme to make breakthroughs in your life and enter a new world of possibility. We approach it with compassion and kindness, starting with an assertion that you are already whole and perfect as you are (don’t worry if you don’t believe that yet - you will).