Tracy Playle

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speaking engagements

You can hear Tracy speak at a number of events throughout the year, or book Tracy to speak at your event. Here we share forthcoming commitments and a selection of previous engagements. This list does not include workshops and in-house speaking engagements that Tracy delivers throughout the year too. 

2019 Speaking Schedule

My 2019 schedule is always being added to. Contact me if you'd like to check my diary for availability to speak at your event. 

6 March 2019
Network of nordic national agencies for promoting study in their countries, Tallinn (Estonia)
”Discover Branding” (full-day workshop)

7 March 2019
Archimedes Foundation event for all universities in Estonia, Tallinn (Estonia)
”Creating Compelling University Brands and Content” (half-day workshop)

3 April 2019
ContentEd: Northern Roundtable for Leading Content Strategy in your University, York (UK)
”Leading Content Strategy in your University” (half-day workshop)

26 April 2019
Confab, Minneapolis (USA)
”Activities and Exercises for Workshops that Work”

26 June 2019
ContentEd, Edinburgh (UK)
”An introduction to content strategy in the education sector” (half-day workshop)

27-28 June 2019
ContentEd, Edinburgh (UK)
”Portals to condition the mind: using content experiences to inspire curiosity and compassion”
(And conference chair)


Previous Talks (2016-18)

13 December 2018
Learning and Teaching Expo, Hong Kong SAR
”Developing an Empathy-Led Approach for Successful School Marketing and Communications”

5 December 2018
CASE Europe Regular Giving Conference, Birmingham (UK)
”Do Androids Dream of Regular Gifts?” (opening conference keynote)

26 November 2018
College Marketing Network, Warwick (UK)
”Developing an Empathy-Led Approach to Your Digital Engagement Strategy”

22 October 2018
HighEdWeb, Sacramento (USA)
”Designing a Digital Skills Strategic Review and Transformation Program” (with Richard Prowse)

27-31 August 2018
CASE Europe Annual Conference, Edinburgh (UK)
"Building Relevance and Personalisation into Alumni Engagement"

18 May 2018
STEMPRA Northern Conference, Edinburgh (UK)
"Making leaps forward in storytelling"

9 May 2018
Campus Insights Conference, London (UK)
"Future of tech in higher education" (Panel discussion)

11-12 April 2018
CASE Nordic Summit, Malmö (Sweden)
"Building relevance and personalisation into alumni engagement"

15-16 February 2018
Nordic Network, Reykjavic (Iceland)
"Content marketing for international student recruitment"

1 December 2017
GMAC European Conference, London (UK)
"Deconstructing engagement: preparing for the implications of a digital future"

18 October 2017
Suniweb Conference for Web Professionals in Swedish Universities, Stockholm (Sweden)
"Bringing your organisation's strategy and brand to life through content strategy" 
"Creating content strategies that captivate, convert and control"

11-13 September 2017
Confab Intensive, Denver (USA)
"Are you having a laugh? The serious business of comedy in content strategy"

28-31 August 2017
CASE Europe Annual Conference, Birmingham (UK)
"Engagement, evolution or extinction: the challenge of advancing education through interactivity and agility"
"Moving from 'not my remit' to 'how can I help'?" (Panel discussion)
"Creating content strategies that captivate, convert and control"

29-30 June 2017
ContentEd, London (UK)
"Embrace the chaos: finding beauty and purpose in content strategy"

11 May 2017
MBA Directors Forum, Melbourne (Australia)
"Creating effective digital communications: planning your digital engagement for today and tomorrow"

15 March 2017
Swedish Network of International Marketing Officers, Stockholm (Sweden)
"Content strategy and marketing for international recruitment" (full day workshop)

21 February 2017
Hobsons Recruitment Marketing Conference, London (UK)
"From content to contentment: designing for a fundamental shift in communications of the future"

14-16 November 2016
Confab Higher Ed, Philadelphia (USA)
"The art of the content strategist" (opening conference keynote)

18 October 2016
HigherEdWeb, Memphis (USA)
"Through empathy to humor: creating content to engage students without being naff"

20 September 2016
Confab Intensive, Seattle (USA)
"Mastering the art of comedy for your content strategy" 

15 June 2016
Association of MBAs Inaugural Conference for Business School Professionals, Porto (Portugal)
"Integrating online and offline campaigns – why is it so important?"

14 June 2016
Relate Live, London (UK)
"Empathy mapping to inform your customer service strategy"

18-20 May 2016
Confab Central, Minneapolis (USA)
"Gaining buy-in for content strategy in your organization"

28 April 2016
Charity Comms Content Marketing Conference, London (UK)
"Content with impact: developing a testing approach to refine your content and messaging"

25 April 2016
Inspired Schools Marketing Conference, London (UK)
"Engaging storytelling: creating compelling content for education marketing" (keynote)

13 April 2016
CASE Asia Pacific Annual Conference, Hong Kong (China SAR)
"Creating strong and engaged online communities for alumni and students"

8 March 2016
Association of Colleges (AoC) Digital Marketing and Communications Conference, London (UK)
"Embracing new approaches to marketing and communications" (keynote)

23 February 2016
Kingston University Upgrade Masterclass, Kingston (UK)
"Using social media to advance your business, your knowledge and your career" (keynote)