Tracy Playle

Coach. Public speaker. Consultant

What can Tracy speak about?

Tracy speaks about a number of topics at conferences around the world. Most topics focus on marketing and communications, digital trends, content strategy and professional development. 

Sample topics include:

  • Drawing people to you: becoming a "go to" person
  • The art of being "useful"
  • Persuading others to engage with and buy-in to your ideas
  • Digital advances and the impact on marketing and communications
  • Digital and social media trends
  • Using comedy and humour to engage with others
  • Using humour in "serious" business and organisations
  • Advancing your career through digital and social media
  • Raising your individual profile online
  • Building and engaging communities
  • Creating compelling content strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Disruptive marketing and communications
  • Personalisation and automation of content and communications
  • Developing effective presentation skills
  • The future of marketing and engagement in the education sector