Tracy Playle

Coach. Public speaker. Consultant

What the audience says

Below you'll find a selection of real and unprompted tweets about Tracy's conference talks and workshops from those present in the audience, alongside quotes from others who have heard Tracy speak or commissioned her work. You can see a fuller selection on Twitter here

In 2014 Tracy was awarded the CASE Crystal Apple award, judged entirely on audience feedback on her talks. This is awarded to speakers who receive average audience evaluation scores of 4.5 or higher out of 5 at 10 or more separate CASE events. Tracy's were achieved by speaking at events throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Tracy has contributed more to the development of social media and content strategy in UK Higher Education than any other individual. Having heard her speak over a dozen times, she commands an exhaustive supply of examples from across public and private sector best practice and brings to life the challenges and opportunities that working with rich, dynamic content can bring to engaging audiences from all walks of life. She is a unique speaker: full of punch, charm and insight, but accessible, thought provoking and utterly relevant.
— Andy Blair, Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment
University for the Creative Arts (United Kingdom)
Tracy has that incredible talent of making social media accessible, exciting and useful for all. And I don’t say that lightly. She does not dumb down or patronise ‘beginners’ or over complicate to impress as an ‘expert’; instead she explains while inspiring, and asks questions while answering them, provides insight with a passion for others’ vision and always gives you ‘stuff’ to take home and try immediately. Its a rare combination. Highly recommended.
— Emma Silva, Director of Advancement
United Nations International School of Hanoi (Vietnam)
Tracy is an outstanding speaker - informative, funny, warm. Seeing her name on a conference schedule should bring a smile to any attendee’s face, as they know they are in for both an educational and entertaining presentation.
— Tim Nekritz, Director of Web Communication
State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego (USA)