Tracy Playle

Coach. Public speaker. Consultant




Coaching provides a safe and constructive space for you to explore possibility in your life. Through a programme of coaching sessions, we’ll work together to design dreams and projects that ensure you live your best life at work, at home and at play. We’ll understand your true self, your strengths, and the gifts that you already bring to the world just as you are right now. In doing so you’ll open your life up to possibility.

Booking a free 60-minute coaching discovery session with Tracy is a great way to experience coaching, discuss your life and goals, and see if Tracy’s the right coach for you.



Do you want to find greater peace, effectiveness and purpose at work or in your own business? Do you want to change career, make more money, or be more effective in the role you’re in? Coaching with Tracy will help you understand who you really are, and explore what dreams you can create and what goals you can make possible by living a professional life from a place of embracing your greatest strengths.


Do you have an amazing team but see barriers to them achieving everything that they are truly capable of? Perhaps personalities clash. Perhaps purpose and how they “fit” is unclear. Perhaps something that needs to be said just isn’t being said. Through team coaching we combine individual and small group coaching sessions to help teams create breakthroughs in how they work individually and with each other.


Do you feel like you’re truly living your best life right now? If yes, then great! But if you sense there’s a gap, or some breakthroughs you’d like to make, then coaching with Tracy will create the space for you to explore a life of possibility. Whether you seek to make a shift in your relationships, interests, wellbeing, career, home, finances, or something else altogether… work with Tracy to live your dream life.

overcoming imposter syndrome coaching programme

Tracy also offers a special short coaching programme specifically designed to help those for whom imposter syndrome is preventing them from living their fullest life and going after their dreams. This short programme combines online learning through weekly videos and exercises with five one-to-one sessions for you with a life coach. The individual coaching sessions will ensure that the experience is wholly focused on you and your breakthrough since we truly believe that one size does not fit all.